Wooden gifts. 

Laser-cut and engraved personalized jewellery and keepsake boxes

There are two things that have happened to gift-- one, they have become extremely easy and two, these have become equally confusing.

Thanks to all those options that are so easily available everywhere!

Not to mention, the option of online shopping reaching our living rooms.

If you are also one of those who are too confused with too many gifting options, we give you one of the most creative, affordable, classy and customized gift options that cannot go wrong at all—a personalized engraved wooden box or a personalized jewellery wooden box!

A personalized gift has almost become the trend of the day from everything like bedsheets, photo mugs, dressing mirrors, badges and photo frames being customized with a personal touch.

A laser-cut wooden box that we are talking about here, can actually also double up as a personalized keepsake box. Marginally affordable, it can be used to gift a person of any age and at any occasion.

With so much innovation and creativity around, these are also available in different styles and designs.

Product Description

These classic and creative wooden engraved keepsake box are often handcrafted and made in plywood.

Beautifully carved, these wooden boxes are ideal to be gifted away as mementoes or memory boxes that can store anything from letters to coins to old flowers for your loved ones.

Use them as an engraved jewellery box to store your all-time favourite classic jewellery or trinkets.

Whatever be the occasion, these can form a perfect wedding, anniversary or even a birthday gift.

You can choose to personalize the boxes by getting a personal engraving done on the lid.

Mostly engraving of up to 50 characters on the top is standard.

One can also choose to add beautifully carved pictures, symbols or images that hold a special significance to your loved one.

While these boxes are easily available on several gift stores, you can also choose to buy them online.

Buying online has several advantages such as you can choose among a variety of designs, sizes and styles. Customization or personalization becomes easier since most of these wooden boxes include the offer of personalization in the cost of the box itself.

Once you have finalized a design, the personalization message and everything else, the box is gift wrapped and delivered at your doorstep.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 36 items