Constipation in adults and children.

Constipation in adults and children.
Constipation is a very common complaint among children and adults. Officially, the causes of constipation are known, but the means to treat them are immediate and not very effective. If you have a few days break in emptying, take a pill or oral solution to force a visit to the toilet. In our case, over-the-counter tablets did not help at all unless 3 tablets have to be taken. Wife started to take an oral solution prescribed by the doctor who did not make a big difference. As the most common cause of habitual constipation in adults is poor diet, disrupted regularity and diet should be restored. Pharmacological treatment should be used as a last resort because it gradually becomes less effective and requires a constant increase in the dose of medicines (according to the official medicine). One of the causes of constipation are painkillers containing codeine prescribed for various ailments. If you are taking such medicine, ask your doctor to prescribe another medication to the test. Another cause of constipation is the diet but we will look at it more closely. Look for an irritant intestine - gliadin. Gliadin is a prolamine, a protein fraction called gluten. The elimination or significant reduction of gliadin in our diet, i.e. the gluten contained in the wheat can help to solve the problem of constipation in a few days. Gluten contained in other crops is not so harmful because the content of gliadin is lower. Limiting the consumption of gluten from the wheat is not an easy matter as the flour is a component of a huge amount of products and not only for the bakery. In our case, wheat - rye bread was turned into rye bread from wholemeal flour. We realize that this is only a half-way, but so far it has been effective. In our case, constipation ceased after converting co-codamol into a natural remedy and after reducing the consumption of the wheat flour. Will write an article about gluten as well. Another product causing constipation especially in young children is milk and dairy products. The milk causing colic and constipation in young children is not said at all, but this is one of the reasons. I will write about milk in the next article. If your child is an overeager and has problems with regular bowel movements, limit the consumption of milk to a maximum (products that contain milk must also be eliminated). Improvement should occur within five days of discontinuation of milk.

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