How to decorate a little room for a little princess?

Is your daughter a little princess for you? Sure! Just like many other parents who are staring at their delightful woman. And when he loves the world of fairy tales, kings and their faithful admirers, everything becomes clear. The vision of a room for a child is painted alone - usually in a pink colour. We advise on how to decorate a room for a few years old "little princess".

Typical rooms for "little princesses" often strike with colour. Usually, it is a sugary pink or a vivid, pigmented tint of fuchsia.

These colours are stereotypically attributed to girls and fairy tales with princesses and princesses in the main role.

There would be nothing wrong with these colours if used in moderation.

Otherwise, the decorated space quickly becomes tacky and overwhelming in appearance.

Skilful operation of pink is therefore desirable in this case, as well as moderation, without which the room of the "little princess" is transformed into a fair-playing room.

How to decorate a room for a daughter in a fairy-tale atmosphere without falling into obviousness and exaggeration?

We have a few hints.

Which colour should I choose for walls?

In the case of rooms for girls inspired by the world of fairy tales, he immediately pushes on the walls.

There will be nothing wrong with it if we do not paint it over the entire surface, but only elements or cover it with one, larger surface.

When choosing a palette of colours, it is worth choosing the right pink for the company, in which it will not look cheap.

White (milk and vanilla shades), delicate beiges and grey, which "cool" the sweetness of pink, works great in such arrangements.

Thanks to the bright walls, the room will gain lightness and light, and colourful accessories will be well exposed to its background.

What furniture?

The basis of the room for a little princess is the bed.

The best size and with a canopy and a lot of pillows.

Like in the case of walls, do not exaggerate with the amount of pink colour.

Let it appear on soft, velvet cushions or in a bedding pattern, but do not paint it with a bed!

A good idea is a bed in white, preferably gently stylized.

It can be a wooden or metal bed with a fancy headboard.

A white canopy of delicate mesh or chiffon will give him the majesty of a real princess!

The upper part of the canopy or headboard can be additionally decorated with a garland of small lights, which after sunset will bring to the decor a lot of charm.

The room of a little princess can not do without a wardrobe in which it will store its "creations", as well as mirrors.

Splendid mirrors and models in a stylized framework work perfectly in such a decor. Of course, a desk and a dresser with drawers for smaller accessories will also be useful.

A big box in which you can hide toys or other items is also a good idea in every child's room.

On a chest, in a fairy-tale room, you can spread pillows with an interestingly sewn-on haberdashery.

Additives of this type are now available in many stores.

What on the floor?

The floor is the most common place for children to play.

It should be comfortable and easy to clean.

And although the fleshy carpet is one of the easiest ones in this last respect, this is the option of a princess's room.

It does not have to be large.

It is enough that the consolation and a few of her friends will be able to sit comfortably on it.

Depending on the accumulation of patterns and decorations in the room, the carpet may be smooth or patterned.

The first option will definitely be safer.

What accessories and accessories?

The room of a little princess is, above all, fun accessories.

Neutral in the colour of the wall (white, beige) and furniture allow for greater creativity and freedom than in the case of the interior painted pink.

The fairytale atmosphere of the room is emphasized by heavy curtains gathered in a wide bow, large, soft pillows on the bed or used as a seat and fancy night lamps.

Fashion accessories also include tulle pompoms.

You can make a garland, decorate the corner of a wardrobe or a mirror or arrange it in a corner of the room.

On one of the walls, you can also arrange a gallery with artistic works of a roomer or her photos.

Suspending frames on satin ribbons will add a girlish flavour and will fit in with the interior.

The fairytale theme with the princess in the main role is a very grateful topic for interpretation in the interior of the girl's room.

When arranging such an interior, however, it is worth to be moderate and efficiently operate with colour and accessories, so as not to fall into exaggeration, which will result in a space resembling a warehouse with a theatre set design.


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