Corner piece flower vinyl wall sticker.

Corner piece flower art vinyl wall stickers.

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Corner piece flower art vinyl wall decals.



Butterfly vine flowers wall sticker available in two sizes:

Large 150 cm x 135 cm

Medium (regular) 110 cm x 100 cm

Small 65 cm x 60 cm

Wall sticker facing from right to left is a normal direction.


We recommend the most popular trend in interior decoration - flower wall stickers!
The product is made of self-adhesive vinyl, which can be easily attached to flat surfaces, such as doors or walls.
The product is trouble-free in the application because it has been divided into parts and equipped with a transfer paper.

In this way, even larger flower stickers can easily be glued to the wall.

Do you want your home to be original and refer to the mother of nature? If so, we have the perfect solution for you.

Decorate your walls with ornaments in the form of flowers and branches. Through this decoration, the boring interior will gain a unique style within a few minutes.

The spontaneous beauty of the shapes of flowers and branches will be taken by anyone who loves to surround themselves with floral elements in their living room.

Stickers are made of self-adhesive PVC.

Stickers can be glued to the wall, doors, furniture, virtually all flat surfaces.

The decoration can be freely placed on the wall.