Stylish bread kitchen cabinets door sticker, kitchen wall decoration. View larger

Stylish bread kitchen door cabinets stickers set.

 Stylish bread kitchen door cabinets decal

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Stylish bread kitchen door cabinets stickers.


Wall stickers for the kitchen cabinets
or a dining room is unique and original wall decorations.

Large bread patterns enrich the kitchen interior, give the walls (and the whole interior) an individual character.

The sticker affixed to both the tiles and the wall will make the monotonous surface gain a new dimension.

Bread inscriptions also look great on a refrigerator or a kitchen cupboard ...

Bread motifs, with different kinds of bread these are currently one of the most fashionable designs for decorating the kitchen.

The pattern can be cut as a sticker in the selected colour.

The whole sticker is attached to a transport paper that facilitates sticking the sticker in its entirety, but you can easily cut the elements with scissors and stick them according to your own composition.
If you like the pattern, but you need a different size than available - please contact us - other sizes available on request!

Sheets of the size of the sticker: 58cm x 75cm

Material: PVC

The stylish bread pattern design.