Chopper motorbike wall decal boys bedroom wall art sticker.

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Motorbike boys bedroom decorative wall sticker.

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Chopper motorbike boys bedroom large wall sticker, chopper motorbike wall graphics.



Chopper motorbike wall stickers - Excellent decor option for your workshop, living room or even hallway

A few love them and some... not so much! Choppers divide people and have been doing so for a very long period. Chopper drivers like the feeling of freedom and smooth sound of the wind, while many others despise the sound they make produce and the reckless driving of some chopper holders.

We're impartial and that is why we designed the chopper motorbike wall decals. For the ones who actually enjoy their machines, the pure lifestyles come with it or only some of them. Chopper motorbike normally modified from actual motorcycles or build from scratch, so whatever you think about Chopper Motorbike; you've to admire the holders and builders passion!

The very detailed Chopper motorbike wall stickers are a tribute to those who put a lot of time, work and love into those amazing machines. It shows the usual Chopper motorbike design as we know it and is ideal for the ones who're frantic about them.

What a remarkable decor to have in your workshop, living room or even hallway! Show everyone how passionate you're about them with our chopper motorbike wall decals!


  • Self-adhesive

  • Simple to put on, easy to remove

  • Contour cut to shape, without white edges or transparent

  • Flexible and extremely thin vinyl - looks like being painted

Please note when applying your wall decals

  • The surface has to be free of silicone, grease, dust, latex and acrylic paint.

  • Wallpaper with an additional protection layer is not suitable

  • When you've recently painted your wall, it's vital to wait at least 3 weeks before you apply a new sticker

  • These wall stickers can't be reused after removing them. All Depending on the kind of wall paint, a few flakes of paint might come loose whilst removing the sticker.

Material: PVC
Dimensions of the sheet approximately:
58cm x 133cm
The direction of the motorbike on the picture is normal.
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