Philips steam generator trigger button.

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Philips steam generator trigger button.

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Philips steam generator trigger button.


If your Philips steam generator iron does not produce any steam when you pushing the trigger it is likely that you need to replace this small plastic button.

How to find out if you need it?

When you click the trigger button should hear a click from microswitch if you do not hear the very narrow small plastic bit is broken.

It looks like this was designed to break when you push the trigger to much.

Should fit models below but you need to check as not all were checked by me:

GC9630/20, GC6833/36, GC7055/20, GC8735/80, GC6804, GC8651/10, GC8650/80, GC7619/20, GC9682/86, GC9660/36, GC9650/80, GC9642/60, GC9635/26, GC9410/60, GC9405, GC9324, GC8962/46, GC8942/26, GC8755/86, GC8750/66, GC8735/80, GC8733/20, GC8715/20, GC8712/20, GC8643/30, GC8640/02, GC8638/20, GC8625/02, GC8630/02, GC8620, GC8616/30, GC8615/02, GC7805/20, GC7635/30, GC7057/20, GC7055, GC7035/20, GC7015/20, GC6833/36, GC6830/26, GC6804/26

To open the handle you need to unscrew one screw at the end of the handle and then gently lift the top of the handle. The top of the handle is attached to the rest of the handle by click on the method.

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