DJ Stickman 2 wall art sticker, headphones wall decal.


DJ Stickman 2 wall art decal, wall sticker.

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DJ Stickman 2 wall art sticker decal, wall art decal.



Do you love to dance or party?
Do you like play music like a professional DJ?
Do you dream to become a professional DJ someday?
DJ is short from Disc Jockey who plays recorded music.
You can find the DJ's in popular radio stations that host popular shows where play music on air requested by listeners or by hosting guests, introduce new music bands, answer requests from listeners and often chatter with guests and share news and celebrity gossip.
Another type of the DJs are Club DJs. 
Club DJs are work in night clubs or similar venues, these DJs providing the music for the crowds to dance to and party.
Another type of the DJs are Mobile DJs. 
Mobile DJs are often hired to work at weddings, school dances and any other big events that require music and person who look after the crowd.
Club DJs and mobile DJs apart just playing pre-recorded music made by other musicians mix songs and create musical transitions of various songs to lead smoothly into one another.
Dj make sure that music flow easily without any startling disruptions that might dampen the mood and be distracting for the crowd.
A DJ also makes sure that the audio output levels remain consistent between songs without up-and down volumes.
 DJ stickman wall sticker is perfect wall decoration to the nightclubs.
 DJ stickman wall sticker will be perfect to any smooth surface. 
Dimension: 58cm x 76cm
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