Aries zodiac sign wall sticker and description.

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Aries zodiac sign wall sticker and description.

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Aries zodiac sign wall sticker and description.

Aries - masculine, fiery and cardinal sign. Subject to Mars. He is suited for leadership and excellence in action, strong will, entrepreneurship, independence, energy, straightforward behavior, impetus, quarrels, violence, arbitrariness, and impatience.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so people born with the sun in this sign must be everywhere and always first. Aries is direct, honest, even abrupt, does not play in the nuances - and expects the same from others. They are not interested in long deliberations or planning - the most important thing for them is here and now. They are uncomplicated, they follow the first impulse, which is why they have something of children. They like to start new things and act all the time, they can no longer sit still in one place.

Main advantages
They have a breakthrough power, they are spontaneous, direct, full of imagination, dynamic. Aries operate without hesitation and are not afraid of compromise. Open to new products. They do not survive long failures and are not discouraged by them, they only recover quickly and move forward.

Major disadvantages
Aries can be aggressive, careless, impatient. Devoid of tact and delicacy in expressing their opinions. Their directness can hurt more vulnerable people.

She represents the type of Amazon, warriors, emancipates. In partnerships, she usually takes the lead.

He is a type of warrior, pioneer, leader. He likes to rule and impose his opinion.

Friendly characters
Lion, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius

Moon in Aries
 Violent, unpredictable reactions. Impatience, need for change. Spontaneous, open expression of your feelings. Quick engagement. Egocentrism.
You were born when the Moon was in the sign of Aries. You are a person with strong, spontaneous, often violent and unpredictable reactions. You are very impatient and mobile, it may be difficult for you to sit still longer. You hate stagnation and stillness, there must be something going on all the time. It is difficult for you to adapt to uniform work and daily routine. You want to translate all your desires and aspirations into specific actions as soon as possible. You express emotions spontaneously and directly, you cannot and do not like to hide them. You easily and quickly engage in what interests you, also in love relationships (in this sign, cases of "love at first sight" are quite frequent), but you also quickly lose this enthusiasm and commitment if the relationship or partner does not turn out to be quite exciting and dynamic. You get angry very quickly and you can then be very unpleasant to others. However, anger passes very quickly, and then you are surprised that someone else remembers the words you said in anger (you often explain "I just said that, I don't think so"). Conditions in the family home have probably influenced your self-reliance and independence. Parents may have encouraged you to express your views and take risks.

Sun in Aries
Honesty, directness, openness, clout. Living in the present moment. The initiative, need for action. Aggression, impatience, lack of tact.
As a person born with the Sun in the sign of Aries, you want to be everywhere and always first. You are direct, honest, sometimes even abrupt, you do not play with nuances - and you expect the same from others. You are not interested in long consideration or planning - the most important thing for you is here and now. You are guided by the first impulse, which gives you something of a child. You like to start new things and act all the time, you can no longer sit still in one place.

Main advantages
You have clout, you are spontaneous, direct, full of imaginative, dynamic. You act without hesitation and you are not afraid of compromise. You are open to new things. You don't have long failures and you don't get discouraged by them, you only recover quickly and keep going.

Major disadvantages
You are aggressive, careless, impatient. Deprived of tact and delicacy in expressing his opinions. Your directness can hurt more sensitive people.

Assistant in Aries
Ascendant in Aries. Active, energetic, quick action, bravery, aggressiveness, carelessness. The appearance of a fit and strong person, sharp features.
If at the time of your birth the sign of Aries rose on the horizon, it means that you are very active and energetic. Your specialty is new ventures and quick, direct reactions to what is happening around you. You are willing to take risks, even careless, so you should be careful about the tendency to fall into accidents. You're always fighting someone or something. This fight is your element and gives meaning to your life. Sometimes you may seem aggressive, but usually, it's just a way to compensate or mask uncertainty. Because long thinking is not your strength, you sometimes do something or say quickly, without thinking if you will hurt someone. You can easily start many new things, but you have difficulty finishing them because perseverance in action is not your specialty.

You are probably quite tall or at least medium height.

Mostly slim, with pronounced muscularity, you feel athletic and strong. You move quickly, energetically.

The face was long, sometimes triangular, with sharp, sometimes even angular features.

Eyes often small, with piercing and even piercing eyes.

Ashvini Nakshatra, Mare - gw. Aries
Ashvini, Mare - β and γ Aries:: 26 ° Aries - 9 ° 20 'Taurus (western)
symbol: horse's head

26 ° Aries - 9 ° 20 'Taurus
zod. thread: 0 ° - 13 ° 20 'Aries

ruler: Southern Lunar Node stars: β and γ Aries

The moon in Ashvini's Nakshatra indicates pioneers, innovators, and explorers, heroic, brave, restless and impatient people, with great joy of life.

These people have a great need to serve others.

They are energic, magnetic and attractive, they speak quickly and act quickly. However, they can be reckless, tactless and impatient.

Nakshatra Bharani, Life-Carrying - gw. Aries
Bharani, Carrying New Life - 41 Aries:: 9 ° 20 '- 22 ° 40' Taurus (western west)
symbol: vagina

9 ° 20 '- 22 ° 40' Taurus
star zodiac: 13 ° 20 '- 26 ° 40' Aries

ruler: Venus | stars: 35, 39 and 41 Aries

The owners of the Moon in Bharani often experience obstacles and restrictions in their lives.

It is likely that they will regret their fate and envy others for their happiness.

They can expose others to oppression and restrictions, or fight to free themselves and others from oppression.

They are intelligent and brilliant, they value what is good and sophisticated in life, but they can be fanatical in their beliefs, which will cause many ups and downs in life.

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