Taurus zodiac sign wall sticker and description.

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Taurus zodiac sign wall sticker and description.

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Taurus zodiac sign wall sticker and description.

Taurus - female, terrestrial and permanent sign. It is ruled by the planet Venus.

Mild disposition, persistence, conservatism, stubbornness, sensuality, carelessness.

Taurus - description of the sign of the Zodiac
Taurus (20/04 - 22/05)
Keywords: I gather and own, appreciate and enjoy; constancy, mundane, endurance, wealth, sensuality

Taurus devote a lot of attention to sensual pleasures and comforts. It can be said that taking reality with all their senses, they feel most alive. They are extremely solid and consistent in their tastes and views. Once they like something or get used to something, it is difficult to convince them to change their minds, which is why they are known for stubbornness. Taurus likes to possess both material things and people - friends or partners. The awareness that they have something or someone theirs is very important for their sense of security.

Main advantages
The Taurus is determined and stubborn, they bring their intentions to an end.

They think in a pragmatic and matter-of-fact way. Able to create long-lasting relationships, very dedicated and persistent in feelings.

Major disadvantages
They are listless and slow. Certain one-sided thinking makes it difficult for them to see some possibilities and solutions. They have a problem distinguishing between more important and less important things. They are possessive.

She is very feminine, with the accentuated body. Sensual esthete.

Represents the type of landowner or businessman who provides material security.

Permanent and faithful.

Friendly characters:
Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces

The moon in Taurus
Big importance of physical needs, sensuality. The need for beauty, pleasure, and comfort, as well as material security. Stability in feelings.
You were born when the Moon was in the sign of Taurus. The body's needs are very important to you, and your feeling depends strictly on their satisfaction. Any discomfort or even hunger causes you irritation. For the same reason, the aesthetics of everyday life is important to you - you want to provide your senses with pleasant sensations, such as harmonious views in calm colors, a touch of soft materials, the smell of good perfumes or the taste of well-prepared dishes. You value luxury and comfort, so you get material to ensure it. For a sense of security, you need stability, people and certain situations you can rely on. You tend to accumulate, so it is difficult for you to get rid of something or give up something, including views and thinking patterns, even if you realize that they are outdated and inhibiting you. If the Moon is in disharmonious aspects, you can be very worried about your material security and be overly careful about spending, even if you are doing objectively well. You can also collect items that you don't even need, for the sole purpose of having them and feeling that you are not short of anything and will not lack.

The sun in Taurus
You need comfort and possession. The reception of reality through the senses.

Constant views like and dislike. Slowness, stubbornness, possessiveness.
As a person born with the Sun in Taurus, you pay a lot of attention to sensual pleasures and comforts. We can say that taking reality with all your senses, you feel the most that you are alive.

You are extremely constant and consistent in your tastes and views. Once you like something or get used to something, it's hard to convince you to change your mind, that's why you're known for stubbornness. Taurus likes to possess both material things and people - friends or partners.

The awareness that you have something or someone of yours is very important for your sense of security.

Main advantages
You are determined and stubborn, you bring your goals to an end. You think in a pragmatic and factual way. You are capable of creating long-lasting relationships, very devoted and constant in feelings.

Major disadvantages
You can be apathetic and slow. Certain one-sided thinking makes it difficult for you to see some possibilities and solutions. You have a problem distinguishing between more important and less important things.

You are possessive.

Assistant in Taurus
Assistant at Taurus Patience and perseverance, practicality and pragmatism. Great considerable pleasure and convenience. A rather stocky figure, a conservative way of dressing.
If at the time of your birth a sign of Taurus rose on the horizon, it means that you are patient, practical and pragmatic. You are characterized by high strength and perseverance in pursuit of the goal. You may seem quite slow in your way of reacting, but although you act slowly, you are consistent and effective. You do not take hasty actions, but you carefully plan and you are ready for systematic, even long-term work to achieve the goal. Physical comfort and sensual pleasures are important to you. You get to know the environment primarily through the senses - something that is abstract, intangible, may be incomprehensible to you. The negative side of this ascendant maybe some laziness and stubbornness. When you make a decision or like something, it's difficult to convince you to change your mind or take another action.

Strong, stocky build, although not necessarily obese. Strong neck and broad shoulders. You don't usually like physical exertion, but it is recommended for you because of your tendency to gain weight. It is possible that you have a fairly conservative way of dressing because you prefer to buy decent and durable, good quality, even quite expensive things, but ones that can last for years instead of keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

Ashvini Nakshatra, Mare - gw. Aries
Ashvini, Mare - β and γ Aries:: 26 ° Aries - 9 ° 20 'Taurus (western)
symbol: horse's head

26 ° Aries - 9 ° 20 'Taurus
zod. thread: 0 ° - 13 ° 20 'Aries

ruler: Southern Lunar Node stars: β and γ Aries

The moon in Ashvini's Nakshatra indicates pioneers, innovators, and explorers, heroic, brave, restless and impatient people, with great joy of life. These people have a great need to serve others. They are energetic, magnetic and attractive, they speak quickly and act quickly. However, they can be reckless, tactless and impatient.

Nakshatra Bharani, Life-Carrying - gw. Aries
Bharani, Carrying New Life - 41 Aries:: 9 ° 20 '- 22 ° 40' Bull (western west)
symbol: vagina

9 ° 20 '- 22 ° 40' Taurus
star zodiac: 13 ° 20 '- 26 ° 40' Aries

ruler: Venus | stars: 35, 39 and 41 Aries

The owners of the Moon in Bharani often experience obstacles and restrictions in their lives. It is likely that they will regret their fate and envy others for their happiness. They can expose others to oppression and restrictions, or fight to free themselves and others from oppression.

They are intelligent and brilliant, they value what is good and sophisticated in life, but they can be fanatical in their beliefs, which will cause many ups and downs in life.

Nakshatra Krittika, Cutting - Pleiades gw. Taurus
Krittika, Cutting - Pleiades: 22 ° 40 'Bull - 6 ° Gemini (western west)
symbol: knife

22 ° 40 'Taurus - 6 ° Gemini
star zodiac: 26 ° 40 'Aries - 10 ° Taurus

ruler: Sun | stars: Pleiades

People with the Moon in Krittik's Nakshatra are smart, insightful, sarcastic and critical. They are also proud, ambitious, determined and focused on achieving goals. They can fight against injustice and protect others. They are persistent and stubborn, but also aggressive, with a fiery temperament.

Nakshatra Rohini - Red - Aldebaran gw. Taurus
Rohini, Red - Aldebaran :: 6 ° - 19 ° 20 'Gemini (western west)
symbol: carriage

6 ° - 19 ° 20 'Gemini
star zodiac: 10 ° - 23 ° 20 'Taurus

ruler: Moon | star: Aldebaran

The moon in Rohini indicates passionate, seductive, elegant, alluring and charismatic people. They like children, art, music, luxury and what is sophisticated. However, they can be snobbish, spoiled, materialistic and too critical of those who do not seem to be up to their standards

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