Gemini zodiac sign wall sticker and description.

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Gemini zodiac sign wall sticker and description.

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Gemini zodiac sign wall sticker and description.

(23.05 - 21.06)
Keywords: I think and speak, collect and transmit information.

I am talkative, curious, outgoing.

The main area of ​​interest for Gemini is collecting information and communicating it.

They are changeable and flexible. Clever and bright, they enjoy intellectual conversation and get bored quickly when they don't get enough stimulation for their mind.

They are able to separate themselves emotionally from others, which keeps them objective, but can be perceived as cool and distant. Knowledge is easy, but it is not always deep and specialized, as Gemini can no longer concentrate on one subject and quickly change interests.

Main advantages
Gemini's curiosity enables them to gain comprehensive knowledge.

They can be objective and take rational actions, not disturbed by emotions. They have a sharp, slightly ironic sense of humour.

Main disadvantages
They get distracted easily, many things start and not finish. They tend to juggle facts without deeper emotional involvement. Eternal doubt. The tendency to rationalize feelings.

She is a type of brilliant intellectual, well-read and curious about the world, and a bit cool at the same time.

He's a witty, cute, brilliant flirt. Inconsistent in feelings. Peter Pan type, eternal boy.

Friendly signs:
Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo

Moon in Gemini

Curiosity about the world, the need to acquire and transfer information and numerous contacts with people.

Instability, a tendency to be distracted.
You were born when the Moon was in Gemini. You are curious about the world and quite restless.

You like to obtain information and pass it on, you want to be as informed as possible, which is why you learned to read and write at an early age. You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and you need to constantly satisfy it.

It is possible that your family home was quite intellectual, you were encouraged to learn and learn new things, or you may have been visiting many different people in your home.

Probably one of your parents was also a fickle, unpredictable person, very intellectually oriented, and at the same time not very emotional. You are quite emotionally distant and rather superficial, you don't like getting deeply involved in relationships with people.

You get bored easily and avoid commitments for the most part. You are rarely satisfied with what you already have - you are ready to try new things, new places to live, friendships, relationships, etc., because you think that everywhere is better where you are not.

You may have a tendency to get distracted, jumping from one activity to the next without completing any activity or finding satisfaction in it. With difficult aspects to the Moon or little influence of watermarks, you can over-rationalize your feelings or even run away from them to acquire knowledge and intellectual juggling with information

The sun in Gemini
Need to collect and transmit information. Brilliance, sociability, curiosity, versatility. Distraction, superficiality.

You were born while the sun was in the sign of Gemini. Your main area of ​​interest is information gathering and reporting.

You are changeable and flexible. Clever and bright, you enjoy intellectual conversations and get bored quickly when you don't get enough stimulation for your mind. You can separate yourself emotionally from others, so you are objective, but can be perceived as cool and distant. You gain knowledge easily, but it is not always deep and specialized, because it is not difficult for you to concentrate on one issue any longer and you quickly change your interests.

Main advantages
Your curiosity enables you to gain comprehensive knowledge. You can be objective and take rational actions, not disturbed by emotions. You have a sharp, slightly ironic sense of humour.

Main disadvantages
You get distracted easily, many things start and don't finish. You tend to juggle facts without deeper emotional involvement. Eternal doubt. The tendency to rationalize feelings.

Ascendant in Gemini
Ascendant in Gemini Speed ​​of thought, inquisitive mind, brilliance, need to communicate, the tendency to be distracted.

Appearance is younger than actual age, nervousness and mobility.
When you were born, the sign of Gemini was rising on the horizon. You probably think fast and speak fast.

You have an inquisitive, exploratory mind, always looking for new and interesting information. You are usually well-read and well-informed, and getting an education means a lot to you.

Unless there is a strong cast of land to be practical, perhaps you like to accumulate knowledge that is not necessarily useful in life just to be able to shine through it. There is a great need to communicate, both verbally and in writing.

You usually speak fairly quickly as you try to keep up with your pace of thinking; you tend to interrupt others.

You tend to get distracted and get lost in detail.

Often there is some kind of duality in your life, e.g. two professions, two sources of income or two main spheres of interest.

You are tall or at least of medium height, probably with long legs. You move quite fast, a bit nervous; you have a characteristic tendency to "fidget" and take a lot of extra, involuntary movements. When you speak, you often emphasize your message with expressive facial expressions and lively gestures. You tend to look younger than you are, which is further emphasized by the rather youthful way you dress.

ones that can last for years instead of keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

Ashvini Nakshatra, Mare - gw. Aries
Ashvini, Mare - β and γ Aries:: 26 ° Aries - 9 ° 20 'Taurus (western)
symbol: horse's head

26 ° Aries - 9 ° 20 'Taurus
zod. thread: 0 ° - 13 ° 20 'Aries

ruler: Southern Lunar Node stars: β and γ Aries

The moon in Ashvini's Nakshatra indicates pioneers, innovators, and explorers, heroic, brave, restless and impatient people, with great joy of life. These people have a great need to serve others. They are energetic, magnetic and attractive, they speak quickly and act quickly. However, they can be reckless, tactless and impatient.

Nakshatra Bharani, Life-Carrying - gw. Aries
Bharani, Carrying New Life - 41 Aries:: 9 ° 20 '- 22 ° 40' Bull (western west)
symbol: vagina

9 ° 20 '- 22 ° 40' Taurus
star zodiac: 13 ° 20 '- 26 ° 40' Aries

ruler: Venus | stars: 35, 39 and 41 Aries

The owners of the Moon in Bharani often experience obstacles and restrictions in their lives. It is likely that they will regret their fate and envy others for their happiness. They can expose others to oppression and restrictions, or fight to free themselves and others from oppression.

They are intelligent and brilliant, they value what is good and sophisticated in life, but they can be fanatical in their beliefs, which will cause many ups and downs in life.

Nakshatra Krittika, Cutting - Pleiades gw. Taurus
Krittika, Cutting - Pleiades: 22 ° 40 'Bull - 6 ° Gemini (western west)
symbol: knife

22 ° 40 'Taurus - 6 ° Gemini
star zodiac: 26 ° 40 'Aries - 10 ° Taurus

ruler: Sun | stars: Pleiades

People with the Moon in Krittik's Nakshatra are smart, insightful, sarcastic and critical. They are also proud, ambitious, determined and focused on achieving goals. They can fight against injustice and protect others. They are persistent and stubborn, but also aggressive, with a fiery temperament.

Nakshatra Rohini - Red - Aldebaran gw. Taurus
Rohini, Red - Aldebaran :: 6 ° - 19 ° 20 'Gemini (western west)
symbol: carriage

6 ° - 19 ° 20 'Gemini
star zodiac: 10 ° - 23 ° 20 'Taurus

ruler: Moon | star: Aldebaran

The moon in Rohini indicates passionate, seductive, elegant, alluring and charismatic people. They like children, art, music, luxury and what is sophisticated. However, they can be snobbish, spoiled, materialistic and too critical of those who do not seem to be up to their standards

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